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Brasso Hardener 1200
Brasso Hardener Flat Bed Screen Making Screen Hardening
  • Brasso Hardener-1200 is hardener to avoid pinholes due to friction, high squeeze pressure, abrasive printing pastes etc.
  • After Flat Bed exposing with Photo Emulsion Flat Bed MR-50 MR-600, opening & drying the screen, apply.
  • Brasso Hardener with cloth ( Bichromate application) on both sides. Keep in Drier. If drier is not available, then dry in sunlight and then give warm air by heater.
  • Dry and Wash (within 1 hour of application) and use for printing. Colour of coating does not change. Use for only polysester bolting cloth.

Safety: Wear hand gloves, eye protecting glass & protect the cloth. screen Apply

Shelf Life: 6 months, if properly closed.

Packing: 35 Kg plastic carboys.


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