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Choke Up Remover-400 (DYESTUFF REMOVER)

Textile Engraving Chemical Of Rotary Printing

Purpose DYESTUFF REMOVER-400 is used for removal of various types of choke-up in screens caused by dyes and other chemicals.


It is an aggressive solvent mixture. It has been specially developed for removal of stubborn stains and choke-up screens caused while printing by dyes and chemicals.


Take a piece of cotton and soak it in water remove the excess water and then soak in Dyestuff Remover, with this scrub the screen inside out for 2 min, wherever choke-up is seen reaction time depends on type of screen and the condition of choke-up remover.

Environmental Protection:

No major hazards for skin in case of contact with skin wash off with plenty of water and consult a doctor.

Shelf Life: The container size is 30 kg it is colorless and can be stored up to 1 yr. at a temperature of 30 C.

Packing: 35kgs plastic carbuoy.


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