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Endring Remover-EM 101

Textile Engraving Chemical Of Rotary Printing


Endring Remover is used for removing endrings out of the Rotary Nickel Screens, after Endring Remover-EM 101 has dissolved the adhesive bond.


The product is an aggressive solvent mixture. It has been especially developed for the removal of adhesive bonds between rotary screens and endrings. Adhesive based on epoxy-resin, polyurethane or polyester resin are attacked by Endring Remover-EM 101 and softened, so that endrings can easily be removed from the screen.


Take Endring Remover in bucket & immerse the endring in the liquid & allow the adhesive (glue) to soften for approximately 25 to 30 minutes. Remove the endring by inserting a razor blade between screen & endring. Adhesive (glue) can be wiped off with cloth.

Always wear hand gloves, & protect the eyes by wearing glass. In case Chemical comes in contact with skin, wash the skin with plenty of water.

Shelf Life: Unlimited, if stored between 0 C & 10 C . Keep the container tight.

Packing: 35 Kg plastic carbuoy.

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