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Movicol-800 (Photoemulsion With Daizo)

Garment Printing Chemical Of Photoemulsion

Movicol-800 (Photoemulsion With Daizo) Water resistant Diazo-photoemulsion

Movicol-800 is used for the production of stencils which are resistant to aqueous printing media and plastisol inks. Mainly used for T shirt and ceramic printing. Easily decoatable.

Sensitizing: Photo emulsion With Diazo


The coating of the screen generally begins from the printing side in order to fill the mesh openings. Only then begin with the emulsion build-up from the squeegee side. 2-1,2-2, 2-3.


The screen must be dried thoroughly before exposing to achieve the highest ink resistance. This should preferably be done in a dust-free drying-chamber with fresh-air inlet at temperatures of between 30- 35íC.


The stencil is created by UV-light hardening of the non-printing stencil parts. expose with blue actinic light at a wave length of 350-420nm. A metal halide lamp provides the best results. Due to the many variables that determine the actuai exposure time, accurate exposure times cannot be given. Optimum copying results can only be achieved by taials (step exposure) for best resistances.please choose an exposure time which is as long as possible. Thai maximum exposure time must still allow reproduction of fine details.


Stencils made using movicol also permit long runs when printing with aqueous inks without post-treatment. Under extreme circumstances. The screen can additionally be post-hardened with our Marktex Hardener. 


Please note that the printing resistance of a screen printing stencil is influenced by a lot of parameters mesh, coating technique, drying, exposure time furthermore, a lot of printing media and printing machines are being used in practice which have not all been tested by us.


Unsensitized: Violate
Sensitized: Tan


1 year at 20-25íC in tighly closed original container. Screens coated in advance. Approx. 4 weeks at 20íC and in complete darkness. It is advisable to dry again at 35-40íC prior to copying.

Shelf Life: 12 months, if container is properly closed.

Packing: 5 Kgs with Diazo

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