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Rust and Corrosion Remover
Rust and Corrosion Remover We compose and supply the water and oil based rust removers that fully increment the life of the machinery components and add to their long life. The rust removers we fabricate come with the ability release rust-stagnation upon on any sort of surface in any operation. Our product is extremely eco friendly in its application and composition both. Additionally, we have been making use of advanced research and development to achieve the right somewhat solvent.

Rust and corrosion removing technology is safe, environmentally safe and very high performing. Our migratory technology removes rust, oxidation, scale and tarnish from all ferrous, non-ferrous and materials that have been stained by corrosion. Our rust removers will not harm paints, plastics, wood, textiles, ceramics or rubber when used as recommended.

  • Does not require special disposal
  • User-safe that
  • Easily used in labor-intensive areas such with no adverse effects on production 
  • Prevents flash rusting 
  • Non-polluting and environmentally acceptable for easy disposal

APPLICATION: MR-1400 can be applied using spray equipment, as well as by brush or dip.For spray, brush or roll-on application, remove loose rust or tarnish. Then apply MR-1400 to surface, let chemical stand for 5-15 minutes and rinse. Reapply if necessary.Medium and heavy rust will take somewhat longer. For dip application, remove heavy deposits, loose rust or a tank as long as required to remove corrosion. Increasing temperature up to 140F (65C) will speed the cleaning process.

PACKAGING AND STORAGE: MR-1400 is available In 35 kgs HDPE 

Known As: Rust remover for corrosion, corrosion Rust remover, corrosion Rust remover mr-1400, Corrosion cleaner, Fast corrosion rust remover cleaner


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